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So guys, I’ve decieded to re-make. The thing is, when I joined tumblr I joined mostly because of these film photography blogs (I love film photography) so became one myself. Then I found out all these HP/Skins/Misfits blogs etc and made a fangirl blog so I could reblog and flail and gush. But it was a sub-blog and it just started to become more and more tedious to update my film blog because I was on this blog for most of the time. So I’ve moved and now my main blog is PERSUES-EVANS. You can follow again if you want or not. I will still keep this blog open as reference or to view my old gifs/graphics etc. I will also still regularly update my Emma blog and if you have any questions just ask (the ask on this blog is connected to my new account). Thank you guys who followed this blog, it means so much to me! :)

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20 Most Attractive Harry Potter Characters/Actor-Actress : (in no particular order) | Tom Felton - Draco Malfoy

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Happy 14th Wedding Anniversary Bill & Fleur!

A moment later Bill and Charlie stood up at the front of the marquee, both wearing dress robes, with large, white roses in their buttonholes; Fred wolf-whistled and there was an outbreak of giggling from the Veela cousins. Then the crowd fell silent as music swelled from what seemed to be the golden balloons.

‘Oooh!’ said Hermione, swivelling round in her seat to look at the entrance.

A great collective sigh issues from the assembled witches and wizards as Monsieur Delacour and Fleur came walking up the aisle, Fleur gliding, Monsieur Delacour bouncing and beaming. Fleur was wearing a very simple white dress and seemed to be emitting a strong, silvery glow. While her radiance usually dimmed everyone else by comparison, today it beautified every body it fell upon. Ginny and Gabrielle, both wearing golden dresses, looked even prettier than usual, and once Fleur had reached him, Bill did not look as though he had ever met Fenrir Greyback.

‘Ladies and gentlemen,’ said a slightly sing-song voice, and with a slight shock Harry saw the same small, tufty-haired wizard who ha presided at Dumbledore’s funeral, now standing in front of Bill and Fleur. ‘We are gathered here today to celebrate the union of two faithful souls…’
- Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows by J.K Rowling (Chapter Eight- The Wedding) 

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Leaving a cafe in Santa Monica, July 31.

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